The Dynamix Program needs volunteers to sign up for a very special testing procedure that is designed to test the limits of the human body and possibly go beyond them. After volunteering and signing a waiver, you will receive a substantial payment and an opportunity to lead mankind into the future. During this rigorous and non invasive testing process, you will be given a free place to stay, free food from our cafeteria staffed by professional chefs from around the world, free cable, access to our one of a kind game room, around the clock psychologists, and much much more.

This program is designed to delve deep into the human genome and try to unlock it’s greater mysteries. Not only are we trying to find the true limits of the human body, we are trying to go beyond those limits in a safe, but profitable, way. Try not to think of this as ‘guinea pigs’, rather think of yourselves as astronauts of the human potential. The future of mankind could depend on your body and our research.

Sign up today for Dynamix! It could be the best thing we can do for your body, and for the future of all mankind.


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