Real Name: Andrea Walker
Aliases: Cinder
Identity: Secret
Age: 26 ; Gender: Female
Height: 7’2" ; Weight: 350 ; Hair: Chestnut ; Eyes: gray ; Build: Athletic
Marital Status: Single ; Citizenship: USA
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas ; Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Known Relatives: None
Base of Operations: DynaCorp, Texas
Education: High School (equivalency)
Occupation: Superhero, DynaCorp Security
Origin of Power: Radiation + growth hormones
Group Affiliation: Dynamix
Theme Song: Brick House (Allen Morgan Remix) – Commodores
Catchphrase: Drop the bombshell
Social Media: Twitter
First Appearance: Issue #1

Brickhouse is now a 7’2" tall woman with chestnut colored hair and very good looks. Her superpower is all about strength and apparently a bit of size, as she gained over a foot and a half as the experimentation took. She wields a large, heavy sledgehammer by choice.


Andrea has always lived near Dallas, Texas. Andrea was born with a congenital defect that lead to weak blood vessels in her brain. She was always a subdued person, with a very mouse like personality since calm and shy meant she might live longer. She had a childhood in and out of medical facilities, hospital beds and in bed at home. Even when well, she stayed in the house. Her diagnosis meant she wasn’t really expected to live past 30. And to do even that, life could not be exciting. Life didn’t even make that as easy to do as it might sound. Her dad was a local police officer and her mom held a variety of jobs over the years. Her father was killed in the line of duty when she was about 7. Her mother wouldn’t talk about any details. She would only say Andrea was too young and she didn’t want to aggravate her condition. Less than 3 years later her mother was killed in a hit and run accident. The driver was never found. She ended up living across town with her maternal grandparents. They passed when she was in her late teens and early twenties leaving her completely alone in the world.

Due to her disease, she didn’t have a lot of high paying, high stress options for employment, but a heck of a lot of medical bills and debt from her life. She wasn’t destitute due to a bit of inheritance, but that was gone, and the medical bills didn’t stop. She was getting more warnings from doctors about blood in her brain and making sure things were in order. Then she saw the advertisements. Being more than a bit tired of caution, and thinking that this was a slim chance of making any real changes in her life, but considering the other option was death, she signed up.

It paid off for her in a big way. Gainful employment, some cash, and a working brain were the best part, although transforming into a tall, hot looking and very strong person were not negatives by any measure. Andrea is extremely grateful to DynaCorp for the opportunity. She is glad to be able to finally experience life. Even better she has other people to share time with.


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