Real Name: Ethan Pratt
Aliases: NightKnife
Identity: Publicly Known
Age: 28 ; Gender: Male
Height: 6’0" ; Weight: 200 ; Hair: Brown, ; Eyes: Green ; Build: Athletic
Marital Status: Single ; Citizenship: US
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, NV ; Ethnicity: White Caucasian
Known Relatives: Diane and Trent Pratt ( Mother and Father)
Base of Operations: DynaCorp, Texas
Education: High School
Occupation: Superhero, DynaCorp Security
Origin of Power: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Dynamix
Theme Song: Axl Rosenberg – Fox Hunter
Catchphrase: Bet on the long shot
Social Media: Twitter
First Appearance: Issue #1


Exclusive Trickshot interview from Fairfield daily news.
We are here with Trickshot from team Dynamix asking how he became the man he is today. During the interview he was all smiles and hugely pleasant to talk to. He still had that wide eye famed look about him most up and coming stars have, but he was really enjoying himself. With a handler by his side and water, we were ready to delve into this beloved Trickshot’s past.
FDN: So Trickshot, what is your real name?
Trickshot: Ethan Pratt,
FDN: middle name?
Trickshot Laid a grin on me of mischievous intent, “Well David we all have to have our secret identities” laughing.
FDN: Where are you from?
Trickshot: Las Vegas, Nevada
FDN: How has that influenced who you are?
Trickshot: Well David, my parents influenced me the most. Mom would always tell me to tackle the day as it was the last day you would have fun, and Dad made sure for me to still stay disciplined in my studies. Though I think he would have rather me follow in his footsteps and go into the military, but alas, I got to be the rebel.
FDN: So what did you get into?
Trickshot: Plenty, lots of it trouble, but good fun. I worked valet for a few casinos. Eventually got into the floors and was a dealer for a little bit of time.
FDN: What brought you to dynamix?
Trickshot: “I would say it was a little luck, I mean when lady luck shines on you” , you got to. At this point he does his grin again, and with a slight pause, turns to his catch phrase “Bet on the long shot. “
FDN: So could you say your catch phrase is a tribute to Vegas?
Trickshot: It most certainly is, without it though, I would not be here
FDN: What do you mean?
Trickshot: Just shy of my 27th birthday, I may have had a small argument with my father. I had went to visit them after work, and much like all dads he wanted for me to better myself, and much like all twenty something, I just wanted to have fun. However, This fight , or argument, finally got through to my thick skull. Where was I going, what did I want to do? He asked me are you going to be a Dealer all your life, and I responded, of course not. It was the next words, then what are you going to be? I didn’t know, those rung, and since I had nothing to say, I just left with stating I will figure it out.
FDN: So you saw the advertisement and said what the heck and went for it?
Trickshot: not that simple, let’s see I left my parent’s house and was on the way home. Stopped over Hash house a go go, for some amazing Chicken and Waffles, walked outside to get into my car, and it was gone. Stolen, and wouldn’t you know my phone battery was dead so could not call the police but there was a gas station up the road I could go and call it in.
FDN: Why not go back into the place you just ate from.
Trickshot: Well I stayed till close, talking to a waitress and walked her out to her car after they had closed up for the night, she took off, I walked to the other side of the building and it was gone.
FDN: She? Who is this mystery girl?
Trickshot: Did I ever tell you my middle name?
FDN: no
Trickshot: Well so I headed over to the gas station, got the attendant to let me use their phone and called in the police.
FDN: Go on
Trickshot: I went back to the precinct and filed the paper work, sure it was someone taking out for a joy ride, it will turn up, I mean it only had a quarter tank of gas and it’s not like a 1994 Jeep Cherokee is going for a whole lot these days. Anyways, police take me back to my place, and my whole apartment was up in flames.
FDN: I thought lady luck had looked upon you, you are telling me some horrible things.
Trickshot: Well as the cops decided to “drop me off” at a safe distance from my house, and I just found a building wall with in eye shot of the burning wreckage that was my house I started to reflect on what my father had said. One, because I might need to figure that out and two because I was about to go see him and mom again to ask for a place to stay and was hoping to have an answer for him. Then, there was a loud sound of tires screeching, and then the sound of a loud crash. As I looked up It started raining. Well as best you can get for rain in vegas. Some guy that was now running on foot away from the wreck of my car, had plowed into the fire hydrant across the street. I got up to chase after him since the police officers were helping evacuate the building, as I got to my fee, my car shifted, aimed the jet of water right at me and it slammed me against the wall. By the time I got out of the torrent of water, I had lost sight of the guy. At least I had my car back, I guess. So fire department gets there, puts out the fire. Everything of mine is gone. I am soaked from head to foot, and my car was being towed away. I signed, went over to the police officer, that was allowing me to use his phone charger to charge by phone. Grabbed my phone, walked over to a less noisy area and Thwack!, hit in the face with a piece of paper flying from who knows where. Look down at it, and it was an advertisement for a group of people who were leaving the next day to go a volunteer at Dyna Corp in Texas. Well I went to the browser on the phone realized I had enough in my bank account to get me there and back with a little bit to eat. Got the cops to give me a lift to the Megabus terminal and I waited to find the organizer of the group to see if they had any spots open. They had 1, I grabbed it and the rest is history.
FDN: wouldn’t your parents be worried about the fact your apartment burnt down?
Trickshot: I called them on the bus as it was leaving, let them know I was OK, to sell my car for scrap and I would call into my insurance and have them forward the money to me after all the claims have been filed. Mom wished me luck, Dad said hope it knocks some sense into you and now I am here. So thanks Mom and Dad, Luck was with me, and we have plenty of people like Coach that knocks some sense into me.
FDN: Who is this coach?

The handler leans over and whispers in Trickshots ears. He stands up, “Will have to be a story for another time” he says with a smile and is escorted into the back rooms.

So there you have it, had a run of bad luck, took a chance on a long shot and has coined the phrase. I think this Dyna Corp has something big here going on, I think this will really catch fire in the weeks and months to come. I can’t wait to interview the others. Until this, keep the sun in your face and the bad times behind you. For Fairfield Daily News this is David Shepard.


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