Team Dynamix

These are the people behind the scenes that assist the Dynamix.


First Appearance: Issue #1
Origin: Not much is known about Coach’s past other than he was part of a containment team early on in the development process for DynaCorp and due to his methods, many guess that did not end well.

Scott the Intern
First Appearance: Issue #1
Origin: Scott was a personal trainer and a very outgoing young man. He joined the DynaCorp experimentation in hopes that it would improve his physique and motivation. When his powers blossomed, it had a different result than he wanted.
Social Media: Twitter

First Appearance: Issue #1
Origin: DynaBot-9000 started off as a standard training bot, but as the team grew, it was given add-ons and upgrades to survive the rigorous training procedures.

First Appearance: Issue #1
Real Name: Patrick McTavish
Aliases: Nybbles
Age: 28 ; Gender: Male
Base of Operations: DynaCorp, Texas
Occupation: Superhero, DynaCorp Computer Scientist
Group Affiliation: Dynamix
Origin: Byte started out as part of the field team, but later determined his skills were better used to protect DynaCorp’s electronic security and research.


Team Dynamix

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